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Whether you are navigating your own hearing loss, supporting a loved one or someone in your class / supervised group or you are simply seeking knowledge and connection, amplify is here to be your guide.


You are not alone - listen in!

2023_Frau Irene Eckerli_and_Julia Carneiro.jpg

I was so happy to spend time with Mrs. Irene Eckerli - one of Switzerland's top child and adolescent psychologists.


She specialises in helping families who just received the traumatic diagnosis that their child has a hearing disability. As someone who went through this experience herself, I was so grateful at that time that Mrs Eckerli was there for me and my family.

In this interview, Mrs Eckerli shares some of the advice she gives parents during their initial counselling with her.


Many parents experience the same struggles and emotions, and it is so comforting to know that we are not alone.

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